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Discover Southcare, where hope thrives and lives are transformed through our unwavering commitment to community upliftment. At the heart of our mission lies a dedication to enhancing quality of life for all. Explore our care programs, volunteer opportunities, and collaborative initiatives aimed at creating a brighter, more inclusive future for everyone.

Caring Support

Providing unwavering care and dignity for all.

Service Empowerment

Fostering hope and resilience within our community.

Health Collaboration

Building a brighter, healthier future together.

Empowering Communities, Enriching Lives

Enhancing Quality of Life with Southcare

Southcare stands as a steadfast beacon of hope within our community, driven by a profound commitment to its upliftment. At the core of our mission lies the unwavering dedication to enhancing the quality of life for all and fostering an environment that honors the inherent dignity of each individual. Through meticulously crafted care and comprehensive wellness initiatives, we endeavor to touch the lives of those we serve in meaningful and lasting ways.

Devotee/ Community Care

Helping to enhance the quality of life and maintain dignity through personalized care and wellness programs.

Meals on Wheels

Providing means to qualified residents of Greater Alachua and Gainesville, Monday through Friday.

End of Life Care

Supporting devotees and their families through the transition of completing their journey in this mortal world.

Bhaktivedanta Medical Association

Promoting wellness and empowering our community to lead healthier lives.

Community Care

Enhancing life, maintaining dignity.

Meals on Wheels

Providing meals, aiding residents.

End of Life Care

Supporting transition, comforting families.

Bhaktivedanta Medical Association

Promoting wellness, empowering community.

Plates Delivered

Memorial Services

Funerals Funded


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Join us in making a difference in our community by getting involved with Southcare. Your donations enable us to continue our mission of enhancing lives and fostering dignity for all. Volunteer with us and be a part of our compassionate team, making a positive impact on individuals and families in need. Together, we can create a brighter future for everyone.

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